Dalhousie Craft Fairs

Thank you to everyone that participated and visited the  2020 Christmas Craft Fair!  It is great to see familiar and new faces at our fairs and coming to DCA events! We couldn’t have done it without the amazing volunteers, vendors and people that came to check out the handmade crafts made by our vendors!

2020 Christmas Craft Fair Details

The 2020 Christmas Artisan Fair will be held on Saturday November 21st, 2020 from 10:00 a.m.  – 3:00 p.m. at the Dalhousie Community Centre!

2020 Christmas Craft Fair Registration Details

When: Starting Monday March 2nd, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. – until registration is full (waitlist will begin).  Remember it is first come, first serve. This year we will be having limited spots for different categories of handmade crafts being sold

Where: Dalhousie Community Centre

Who: Any artisans that have handmade/homemade goods that they would like to sell

Cost: $45/table   (table is 8 feet long)

Craft Fair FAQ

  1.  Can I register over the phone?  No, as mentioned all registration must be completed in person at the Dalhousie Community Centre but due to COVID-19, we are accepting registration over email until we reopen.
  2. Am I able to have the same table I had last year?  Possibly, if you would like to ensure you have your preffered table, we suggest you register as early as possible.
  3. I am no longer able to participate in the Fair, am I able to receive a refund? No, we do not refund any Fair registrations.
  4. Can my friend and I share an 8 foot table? Yes, however please remember you cannot obstruct other’s tables and must have your products on or displayed behind your table.  You cannot obstruct other tables or the flow of traffic.
  5. Can I sell my home business products? No, this Fair is only for handmade/homemade goods that are made by the vendors themselves.
  6. Can I buy two tables?  Not this year.

For other inquiries, please email admin@dalhousiecalgary.ca