Frequently Asked Questions

Our rooms vary in cost depending on the room, time of the booking, and number of people. For a detailed breakdown of pricing, please visit the page for the room which you would like more information.
We have a full commercial kitchen available to licensed commercial caterers. All caterers must provide proof of their status as a licensed commercial caterer. Unfortunately, we are unable to rent the kitchen to those who cannot meet this requirement.

The Sunrise Room, Conference Room, and Phoenix Room fit up to 50 people. The Auditorium fits up to 350 people (theatre style seating only) and up to 300 people seated at tables with no other tables or equipment – please note layouts can be customized . Please be aware that the number of people that can comfortably fit in a room may be much lower than the capacity, depending on the type of setup.

To find out about our availability, please fill out an inquiry form. These forms can be found under the room information.

Of course! We encourage all renters to come view the room they are looking to book. We ask that you Contact Us first, so we can ensure that the room is empty when you come to view.
Yes, we have a large ceiling mounted screen and projector in our Auditorium, and a floor standing screen and projector which can be moved to any room. There are no additional charges for use of our screens or projectors.
Yes, we have 2 wireless handheld microphones and 1 belt pack wireless microphone available for use in the Auditorium. Unfortunately, we have no microphones for any of our other rooms.
Yes, we have a parking lot available to guests. There is also on street parking nearby for when the facility is busy.
This can vary depending on the day. There may be multiple events going on in during your booking, such as dance classes, and birthday parties, or there may be no other events. If you have any specific concerns or needs, please Contact Us so we may assist you.
Our Sunrise Room and Phoenix Room have large east facing windows. Our Auditorium and Conference Room have multiple smaller windows. Our Dance Studio has no windows, since it is located in our basement.
Yes, we have an open Wi-Fi channel for all guests, as well as a dedicated Wi-Fi channel with higher speeds for our renters.
No, we do not supply tablecloths, dishes, cutlery, etc.
All of our rooms have electrical outlets. Please be aware that certain devices and appliances with high demand may not work. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.
Yes, we have 5 portable stage pieces for use in the Auditorium. Each stage piece is 6’ by 8’, with heights of 7”, 15” or 23”. Please note that only 3 stage pieces can be set to a height of 23” at one time.
Our entire main floor is wheelchair accessible, including our bathrooms. Unfortunately, our downstairs is not, which is where our Dance Studio is located.

No, you do not have to be a member or Dalhousie resident to rent one of our rooms.

We do allow some sports events in our Auditorium, depending on the type of sport and age group. If you are interested in having a sport event, please Contact Us so we can determine if we can accommodate your event
Setup of tables and chairs is included with all of our rentals. We will typically have all tables and chairs set up for the start of the rental.
      • Stage Piece (set up) – 8ft. and 1 inch long, 6 ft. and ¼ inch wide, and stand 1 foot and 4 inches from the floor to the top of the stage piece
      • Table Inventory for the Auditorium:
        • Grey Heavier Rectangular Tables (8 ft. Long, 2.5 ft. Wide, 2.5 ft. Tall)
        • Beige Rectangular Tables (8 ft. Long, 2.5 ft. Wide, 2.5 ft. Tall) –
        • 10 Big Plastic Round Tables (5ft. 11 inches diameter, 2.5 ft. Tall)
        • 12 Small Plastic Round Tables (5ft. Diameter, 2.5 ft. Tall)
        • 24 Small Wooden Round Tables (5ft. Diameter, 2.5 ft. Tall)